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From Advanced Rapid Prototyping & Tooling Processes
for Product Development, Design, and Tooling
To Rapid Product Manufacturing:

Challenges to Rapid Manufacturing

Manufacturing Research Center Auditorium
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia Symposium/Expo 2000


The Gwaltney RPM Symposium was a standing feature and an important part of the Georgia Tech's Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Institute Continuing Education and Outreach program for three years. It was necessary to cancel the Symposium last Fall in the eleventh hour for lack of sufficient registration to justify bringing the speakers and exhibitors to Georgia Tech. Since then, the RPMI staff has discussed the reasons for the lack of planned attendance at the 1998 Gwaltney Symposium in order to determine if the Symposium should be rescheduled again in the year 2000.

The RPMI staff clearly feels that a symposium should have the broadest appeal across all potential constituents, given that the program serves a unique purpose for the potential attendees. We recognize that the Gwaltney Symposium is one of many events throughout the year which compete for the potential attendees' interests and travel budgets. Therefore, the RPMI staff is implementing this survey to help us determine the future of the Symposium. You have been identified as a key individual to help us in this effort. Symposium sessions of interest include:

1. Rapid Manufacturing

2. Unique Applications

3. 3D Printing

Keep in mind as you answer these questions that the Symposium attendance goal has been about 125 constituents who could significantly benefit from the planned program. Please complete and submit your survey responses from the following program layout. Scoring will be compiled and distributed to you within three week.

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