Industry Participation  

Current Members 

  A pioneer in the development of application of RP technologies. Committed to the RPMI's mission of education.
  A pioneer in the development of solid imaging materials, as well as stereolithography equipment, DuPont provides active participation with imaging material project work.
  *Leading the RPMI efforts in rapid tooling. Active in a variety of projects which encompass the entire realm of product manufacturing processes.
Known worldwide for their RP expertise, and has helped grow the RPMI's industry membership. Provides the RPMI with knowledge in many areas--among them: epoxy tooling, selective laser sintering, ceramics and metrology.
As AT&T, they helped establish the early vision for the RPMI. Now, Lucent is actively involved in many of the tooling projects. 
Known worldwide for their RP expertise using flow test models, and are among the leaders in application development for RP technologies.
*Leads the technology committee--keeping our lab equipped to produce world-class results. Have taken the lead to show students and faculty, "real" world projects associated with RPMI.
*Actively support students, faculty and industry by providing both hardware and software training. Provides strong link to key RP manufacturing areas and advice on projects.
Among the world leaders in RP expertise, especially as its applied to streamlining the product development process.
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Former Members 

*Helped create the RPMI. Involved in a number of RP activities that include rapid tooling, compression tooling and rapid inspection.
Continuing more than a decade - old commitment to manufacturing education at Georgia Tech.
*Leads the RPMI's operations committee--keeping our projects focused and successful.
Produces more injection molded parts than anyone else in the world. Developed the phast process and are involved in RPMI's metrology efforts.
*Contributed to the success of the original RPMI business plan. Working with RPMI in an effort to develop new methods of creating prototype packaging.
*Helped author the founding RPMI Charter. Sponsored special projects in photosensitive polymer characterization. 

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