RPMI Equipment 

To further the deployment of rapid prototyping and manufacturing through education. 

SLA Viper Si2
Our latest addition to the lab, the Viper enables us to achieve small features with its dual laser spot capability: 0.003 inch and 0.01 inch laser spot sizes.  The Viper also embodies 3D Systems latest machine design approaches to maximize productivity and usefulness.  Installed new in the RPMI in October 2001.
With its solid state laser, automatic resin dispensing system, Zephyr recoater, SmartSweep, large build envelope, and .002 - .006 layer resolution, the SLA 3500 lets us do more and do it better.  We especially like its large build envelope of 14x14x16 inches for large parts.  Installed new in the RPMI in August 1999.
The most productive member of the SLA-250 line is the Series 50. A potent combination of power and speed, this machine integrates productivity-enhancing components to deliver a quantum leap in part building efficiency to meet even the most rigorous production schedules. 
  • Interchangeable vat for rapid and easy resin exchange 
  • Multiple polymers available from 3D Systems to support a wide range of applications 
  • Revolutionary Zephyr™ Recoating System 
  • Ideal for 3D Systems' QuickCast™ method for investment casting applications 
  • Easily builds multiple identical or unique parts simultaneously 
  • Unattended build operation 
  • Minimal facility requirements

CMM PFx-5 
MicroVal PFx The Personal Flexible Gage For Any Measurement Need. Its large measuring range of 457 mm X 508mm X 406 mm is 50% larger than other systems in its class. Advanced volumetric performance makes the MicroVal PFx one of the most accurate measu ring machines in the world. The MicroVal PFx combines the award-winning MicroVal design with an advanced disengagable drive into one of the most versatile coordinate measuring machines available. At the flip of a switch, you can change it from manual operation to fully automatic, Dire ct Computer Control (DCC). 

ACTUA 2100 
The Actua 2100: Rapid Concept Modeling Now, with the Actua™ 2100 from 3D systems, a designer can produce a 3-dimensional model as easily as a plot or print. Elegantly packaged to offer speed and simplicity, the Actua 2100 ushers in a new age of productivity - the age of rapid concept modeling in the design office. 
  • Cut Design Time, Increase Design Quality
  • Allegro Software Makes Model Building Simple 
  • Continuous Build, No Post-Processing 
  • Simple, Reliable Everyday Operation 
  • Efficiency and Economy-A Winning Combination 
  • Raster Action Speeds Complex Parts
  • Office Environment-Friendly


FDM 1650 
This system was developed for the final design and prototyping phase of product development. Using our exclusive Fused Deposition Modeling technology, the FDM1650 lets you turn a design concept into a prototype. The fast, precise bench top system gener ates three-dimensional prototypes from 3D CAD software data. You can test the prototypes for fit and form--even simulate product performance without the excessive cost and time of traditional prototyping methods. Users typically report 85-90% savings in labor costs and time on medium- to high-complexity designs. 
  • Versatile system 
  • Three times the throughput of its predecessor (the FDM1600) 
  • Multiple modeling materials 
  • Easy to use 

  • Exceptional value




         (UNIX Platforms 

  • One Octane Server with Risk 195 from Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  • One Indigo 2 Work Station with Risk 200 from Silicon Graphics, Inc. 
  • One Sparc 4 Communication Server by Sun Microsystems 
  • Two O 2 Work Stations with Risk 175 from Silcicon Graphics, Inc.

          (WINDOWS Platforms) 

  • One PC Server with a 486DX200 processor and 64 MB of RAM 
  • One PC Work Station with a 486DX33 processor and 16 MB of RAM
  • Two PC Work Stations with P-Pro 200 processors and 64 MB of RAM by Gateway 2000
  • Two PC Work Stations with P-100 and P-200 processors and 72 and 80 MB of RAM 
  • Two PC Work Stations with  Pentium-S processors and 16 MB of RAM

          (Intranet/Internet Connectivity) 

  • One T-1 Internet Connection
  • 16 Port Passive Ethernet Hub 
  • Cisco 752 ISDN Router 
  • One 33.6 Dial In Modem
  • Four US Robotics 28.8 Modems 
  • Computone Terminal Server 


  • One Hewelett Packard ScanJet 4C Scanner
  • Two Hewelet Packard Laser Printers
  • One SLA Internet-Modified Camera
  • One Silicon Graphics Networking Digital Camera
  • One Kodak ds DC50 Digital Zoom Camera

 CAD and Geometric Software: 

  • Allegro
  • AutoCAD rel.14
  • CATIA 
  • Geomagic Wrap*
  • IGRIP 
  • Imageware Solution rl. 7.0
  • RPM ver. 8.0
  • MAESTRO 1.9
  • MiniLab Statistical Software
  • Paraform 2
  • Pro-Engineer 2001
  • QuickSlice ver. 4.2
  • SolidWorks 2000
  • Solidview 1.02/2.0/3.0
  • StlView 
  • Stratasys Inc.
  • 3D C-Mold Quick Fill


  • COREL 50
  • IRIX Applications ver. 6.2/6.3/6.4
  • LabView
  • Live Works-Meeting Disk 4.5
  • MS Front Page
  • MS Office 97
  • MS Project 98
  • MS Visual C++
  • MS Visual Basic Professional Edition
  • MS Visual Studio 97
  • PC Medic 97
  • PkZip
  • QuikCam
  • RP and MS Resource Guide
  • Virus Scan Security Suite
  • WebSite Professional
  • Windows 95/NT Workstation & Server
  • WsFTP_95 LE 

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